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Develops and implements complete RFID solutions for all Supply Chain in all industries, especially in the fashion and apparel industry, successfully developed RFID full supply chain solutions to help retailers to build smart factories, smart warehouses, smart stores and data platforms.

AI + IOT Product Center

RFID / NFC / AR (Augmented reality) / VR (Virtual Reality)  

Combine with the Internet of Thing (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain, we build a Cloud blockchain platform for all industries to build up smart factories, smart warehouse, smart stores and Edge Computing.

RFID hardware

We provide a world-class services including intelligence solution, RFID development and application platform, data platform , hardware equipment and more innovative and comprehensive technical services to build up your smart factories, smart warehouses and  smart stores.

Zebra RFID printer

Highly accurate data input; RFID …

Zebra RFID Reader

High performance RFID reader…

Zebra mobile digital terminal

High-performance  RFID and 1D / 2D bars …

Zebra RFID Reader

High-speed RFID reader…

RFID tags

Radio frequency identification, UHF (Ultra …

Zebra ET5X Pad

Thin and light, strong and durable…

Security channel

FU-TD04 UHF shop security control system…

Magic Mirror

The LD801 fitting room it a new experience …

Self-service cashier

Specification: 600 * 540 * 1260mm Weight:  …


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