XX Group Wine Traceability System

      Facing the development trend of world economic integration, XX Group continues to strengthen its global business partners in the fields of agricultural products, cereals, oils, foods, tomatoes, fruits and vegetables, beverages, wine industry, sugar industry, feed, meat and biomass energy, real estate hotels, finance Extensive cooperation.

Provide services

  • With the help of identification equipment and coding equipment, through the bottle body, bottle counter digital logistics code one-to-one correspondence correspondence, to achieve product unique ID card information;
  • Provide online code management system and WMS warehouse management system (five external warehouse online supervision) to realize the correlation of product bottles, boxes and stacking trace codes at the production site;
  • Anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling management analysis to realize product anti-counterfeiting warning and anti-channeling warning;

Create value

  • Combining physical anti-counterfeiting and information anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting are easily realized;
  • Product flow management, transparent management of product circulation process, channeling alarm,and flow tracking;
  • Realize timely recall and tracking management of products;

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