IPP remote cloud printing solution

      Nowadays, everything needs a quick and quick response. The apparel / footwear industry cannot escape this. The factory faces an atmosphere of high-mix small batches and short delivery times. In addition, in order to reduce production costs, the factory has been relocated to developing countries with underdeveloped transportation infrastructure such as Cambodia, Vietnam, the Middle East or Africa. For each supplier of decorative parts, it is a huge challenge to provide the factory with consistent, low-cost and short delivery time products. With the improvement of printing technology and the widespread use of EDI data. Inplant Printing is one of the solutions to provide factories with consistent, low-cost and short delivery products.

IPP advantage

Print on demand

Allow factories to flexibly print their own labels as needed

Shorten delivery time

The normal delivery time is 7 working days of ETD

Save transportation costs

Reprinted parts are processed in the factory, no need to pay high freight for small batches


No minimum order quantity-just print one or two labels

On demand

Urgent extra orders or later changes can be processed on demand

Server backup

Server can be used as IPP backup

Application range

1. Tag
2. Size travel is available.
3. Dimension labels for the footwear market
4. Box label for the footwear market
5. Plastic bag stickers
6. Maintenance label

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