What is a smart packaging solution?

Consumers can access to an information platform via a smart phone to read the RFID or NFC inserted in the packaging. It connects consumers and brands in any place any time

Smart packaging version 1.0

Smart packaging + webAPP 

Smart packaging version 2.0

Smart packaging + webAPP + Dashboard

Smart Packing Set 3.0 version

Smart packaging + webAPP + Dashboard + RFID

Smart packaging applications

We provide full usage of the features of smart packaging and smartphone applications

First, Mobile Website

A mobile website is the easiest way to apply a smart package solution to your product. Consumers can easily access a specific website or platform by using smartphone simply tap on the NFC smart packaging or smart tag. 

realtime link

Quickly visit your brand’s official website to make your customers more confident in your products.

Simple development

The mobile website is easy to develop and suitable for market testing of new products.

data collection

Data can be collected through websites, such as geographic location data and  data

Connection service

The mobile website is very flexible and it can connect to your existing services such as e-commerce platforms.

Second, APP

In most cases, the application will be more powerful than the mobile website. This includes better connections to social networking sites such as WeChat and Facebook. In addition, the app can access and collect more user personal data than mobile websites.

Membership System

Consumers can  easily create their own personal accounts and keep them on their phones for a long time.

Social network

Connect users’ social network accounts to access and analyze their personal data.


The nature of mobile applications supports a higher level of security than mobile websites.

Future extension

The application allows integration of multiple functions and services, suitable for long-term business plans.

data collection

Smart packaging is the most practical way to collect user data

What kind of data can be collected?

The data that can be collected on smart packaging is beyond imagination, and every interaction between the user and the software can provide a large amount of data.

Marketing data

Supply Chain Data

Consumer data

product data

data analysis

After collecting data created between millions of customers and products, we can begin to understand and predict their buying bbehaviors.

What results can you find based on the above data?

Consumer Behavior

Understand your consumers by observing how customers interact, purchase and use your products. For example, how often do customers buy, where, when do they usually buy, are they interested in your ads, etc.


Find out the demographic characteristics of your customer base and tailor solutions tailored to them. Such as the average age of customers, the proportion of male and female customers, occupation, monthly income, etc.

Marketing information

Through big data analysis and understanding of your marketing activities, data-driven decision-making. Such as average customer value, conversion rate, natural flow, and customer retention rate.

Production management

Manage and follow up your production process and progress, and adjust production plans in time according to market needs. Such as the production capacity of each unit, whether the production line capacity is fully utilized, and design your production plan according to the customer’s preferences.

Common examples of smart packaging solutions

RFID & NFC tag

RFID & NFC Smart Card

RFID & NFC tag

RFID & NFC Smart Label

RFID & NFC stickers


Benefits of applying smart packaging solutions

Target marketing

Focus all resources on the right consumers and customize promotional activities.


Through cross-certification server and RFID & NFC tag chip technology to identify the authenticity of products, giving consumers more confidence.


Plan for specific events, promotions and promotions into automated operations, which is more precise and time-saving.

Big data analysis

Base on the data collected you can predict an accurate forecasting

Multiple services

Various services and technologies can be applied to the smart packaging platform without restrictions.

Communicate directly with consumers

Skip the intermediary channels, communicate directly with your consumers, and understand their needs and opinions on the smart packaging platform.

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