What is the anti-counterfeiting traceability program?

Starting from the source of production

Through two-dimensional codes, RFID wireless radio frequency electronic tags and other technologies, individual products are given identity coding and authentication information, using advanced data collection technology, Internet of Things technology and big data processing technology to achieve product production, warehouse, logistics Channel sales and consumer interaction and other aspects of traceability management ensure that the entire product life cycle process can be tracked, which comprehensively improves the company’s market response speed and management level.

Through informatization of the production process, the traceability system can provide more data to other systems. E.g:

Warehousing and logistics management

Achieve product production process, then product sales and after-sales service product traceability management throughout the entire life cycle.

Connect to ERP system

Seamlessly connect with ERP of major brands through API. Realize the synergy between material product production, logistics deployment, marketing management process and ERP management.

Marketing management

Through the efficient and accurate identification and perception of the Internet of Things technology, the perfect management of the product logistics storage and transportation process and after-sales service process is realized.

Connect CRM system

Seamlessly connect with CRM systems of various brands through API. Realize material product logistics transportation and distribution management, store management process and CRM management coordination.

Information transformation

The product traceability system provides materials and products with data and identity recognition attributes, which is convenient for production management, logistics deployment, and marketing digitization and informationization.

New retail online and offline

Product traceability digitizes the logistics information during the online order and offline supply process, realizes the whole product traceability, and protects the interests of consumers and enterprises.

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