What is a smart retail solution?

New retail solutions for product integration

We use RFID technology to introduce commodity management, combined with the application of wireless network communication technology, to realize real-time query of sales site commodity information, as well as sales data upload, intelligent statistics and management, which is convenient and fast, improve work efficiency, and reduce operating costs , Significantly improve the quality of shopping malls and enhance consumers’ shopping experience.

Application details

inventory check

The use of RFID readers to achieve quick inventory and efficient handover of inventory goods, the number of categories at a glance, realize the visual management of inventory, greatly improve the operation efficiency and the feedback speed of the supply chain.

Smart shopping guide

Use the RFID reader to automatically identify the tag information, connect to the database system, obtain all the pictures and text information corresponding to the commodity in real time, and respond to customer needs at the first time.

Sales management

The reader can automatically count the sales of products, such as product types, specifications, quantities, sales, etc., and upload the database system through the network in real time, which is convenient for managers to obtain sales information in real time, configure products in time, formulate business strategies, and manage Efficient.

Theft prevention management

RFID applications are mainly focused on theft prevention of goods. Each RFID tag has a unique ID number in the world. There is no need to manually read the barcode label of each item. It can increase efficiency and increase without adding additional labor costs. transparency.


  • With the help of readers, convenient, efficient, interactive and intelligent shopping guide services can be realized, responding to customer needs at the first time, and enhancing the customer’s shopping experience.
  • Inventory work is more efficient and convenient. The amount of work that was previously done in a few hours by humans is now easily resolved in a few minutes.
  • Realize the real-time transmission of terminal data and management system through the network, which is convenient for the headquarters to timely understand the sales of products and optimize marketing strategies in a timely manner.
  • The use of intelligent and interactive modern methods for store sales and management, while improving management efficiency, has greatly improved the image of the mall and brand and attracted more consumers.

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