NFC hand strap

Smart hand strap-easy to carry

The hand strap is not only convenient to wear, but the material can also be selected from environmentally friendly silicone, plastic, nylon, PVC, DuPont paper, etc .; silicone is one of the commonly used materials, can be designed in various sizes, and is completely waterproof, not afraid of damage to the chip and The coil can also be recycled. Silicone smart hand straps are usually combined with pad printing methods to print the company’s trademark or specific logo, and are available in various sizes for customization, which is more distinctive when worn on the hand. NFC chips will be embedded in the NFC hand strap; customers can also choose to embed chips of different frequencies and models to become RFID smart hand straps.

Applicable place

NFC hand straps are more commonly used in hospital patient identification, airport package tracking, bathing, swimming pool, entertainment venue management, etc.

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