Washing electronic tags

The electronic tag has a wide frequency range, excellent environmental adaptability, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, and excellent multi-tag reading and writing performance. It is suitable for washing, logistics, warehouse management, product retail and other fields. It is often used in Range of objects such as jeans, underwear, wallets, shirts, towels, bed covers, etc.

Agreement: EPC Global C1 G2, ISO 18000-6C

Working frequency: 860 ~ 960 MHz

TID area capacity: 96 bits

User data area capacity32 bits

EPC area capacity: 128 bits

Label size: 68 × 15mm (± 5%) Material: epoxy resin, polyester, stainless steel

User data area capacity: 32 bits

Reading distance: up to 6 meters (depending on reader and antenna)

Laundry cycle performance

Maximum temperature: 220 ℃ / 30 seconds
Resistance to conventional washing pressure: 2.5Bars

Pumping resistance: 60Bars
Washing cycle: 200 cycles

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