Zebra ZT400 series RFID industrial printer / encoder

A new level of performance, versatility and ease of use

ZT400 series RFID printers / encoders have advanced features that can provide reliable printing and encoding technology even in complex environments. Give you better tracking capabilities, deeper visibility and business insight, so you have a stronger competitive advantage.

Dual USB host ports for further flexibility

Dual USB host ports for easy connection of various USB devices directly. Use a USB flash drive to copy firmware, files, and configurations, or easily print and convert formats. With two host ports, the scanner and keyboard can be connected at the same time, which simplifies data input and eliminates the need to plug and unplug peripheral devices.

Designed to meet your changing needs

Personalize the ZT400 with various media handling options that can be installed in minutes. Two open media slots can be plugged into other communication options. Powerful processing power and memory can support firmware upgrades and new Print DNA tools in the coming years.

Easy integration and operation

Large-size color touch screen, easy to operate

The intuitive icon-based interface makes it easy to set up and use the ZT400. With a 4.3-inch full-color touchscreen display, you can quickly browse printer settings through a user-friendly icon menu system to easily change language, printer settings, connection options, and more. When the printer is paused or in an error state, you can view the color-coded alarm from a distance, so you can immediately know what to do to keep the printer running normally.

Various functions to meet your changing needs

Configure exclusive printing methods with multiple connection options

ZT400 can provide standard configuration of Ethernet interface, serial interface, USB interface and dual USB host ports and Bluetooth 4.1. Add optional 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual-band wireless network card to achieve fast and reliable wireless connection.

Designed to handle a variety of media and applications

You can rely on ZT400 to print labels of various formats on various media. The printer is available in 4 inch and 6 inch models, with three print resolutions of 203 dpi, 300 dpi, and 600 dpi. Introduce factory-installed or field-installed RFID technology to facilitate label printing and coding operations, and improve tracking and visibility. Choose Zebra’s unique ZT400 RFID anti-metal tagging solution, which is a unique dedicated option for printing and encoding thicker RFID tags for metal containers and assets.

Use ZT400 series industrial printers to keep your critical business running efficiently.

Backwards compatible with almost any existing printer

Whether you are using a Zebra printer or a competitor’s printer, you can use the same label format and application as the ZT400. Supports EPL and ZPL, allowing you to easily migrate from other Zebra desktop printers. With the help of virtual device applications, ZT400 can normally use languages related to other printer brands.

Easily load media and ribbon

Provides a channel for loading consumables on the side, making loading easier, faster, and more intuitive. The color-coded media channel allows you to pass media and ribbon through the printer, even in low-light environments, and can be easily viewed through the lighting channel.

Space-saving design to ensure higher adaptability

This series of printers adopts a double-door structure and is designed to easily adapt to a space-constrained environment. With ENERGY STAR® certification, it can help you save costs throughout the entire life cycle.

Connect directly to your Industrial Ethernet

With the Network Connect option, the ZT400 printer can be directly connected to Industrial Ethernet without any additional equipment. This helps eliminate vulnerabilities, improve security, and save time on setup, management, and troubleshooting.

One touch to pair devices and access information

Using the Print Touch ™ application, you can pair the ZT400 series printer with an NFC-enabled device with just one tap. Scan the dynamic QR code to instantly access the required data, including operation video and product support provided by Zebra.

Seamless integration with your device management system

The integrated glass panel allows you to easily manage all Zebra devices and printers (including the ZT400 series). Using Print DNA’s MDM connector, you can easily integrate networked ZT400 series printers into your existing AirWatch or SOTI MobiControl device management system.

Trustworthy performance

Outstanding print volume and productivity

Avoid slowing down operations and processes by waiting for label printing. Superior performance provides fast first-time label output and high-volume output, ensuring you can get labels when you need them.

Zebra certified consumables ensure consistent high quality

Printing consumables will affect everything from printhead life to operating efficiency. Ensuring that Zebra printers are optimized for performance, consistent, and dedicated to you — is our original intention in designing, building, and strictly pre-testing our own line of thermal printing consumables. For the best quality, service, and thermal printing expertise, choose Zebra certified supplies.

Rugged, suitable for a variety of harsh applications

The ZT400 series can provide your company with reliable services for many years. Its durable metal frame can withstand very harsh environments, and the long-life coating can protect the print head when printing in thermal mode, thereby reducing the need to replace the print head. With missing detection of print head components, it can ensure excellent print quality. Whether it ’s carbon fiber reinforced gears or a high retention USB cable, every detail has been carefully designed and tested to achieve longer uptime during the life cycle of the printer.

Improve uptime, improve business operations and improve printer visibility through services

Investing in a ZT400 printer can greatly improve the efficiency of key businesses. You can ensure predictable performance and avoid extrabudgetary repair expenses. You can directly experience the excellent technical support from Zebra, as well as comprehensive repair services, including accidental damage and prescribed repair turnaround time. The support and visibility services provided by Zebra allow you to understand the required printer operation information in real time to increase printer availability and optimize utilization in the workflow.

Easy to manage

Zebra Print DNA — revolutionizing printers from within

To realize greater value, printer hardware is just the beginning. The ZT400 integrates Zebra’s robust Link-OS printer operating system and the Print DNA software suite that combines productivity, management, development, and visualization tools. By improving performance, simplifying remote manageability, and enabling easier integration, it ultimately leads to an excellent printing experience.

Easily centrally manage all your printers

With our comprehensive and flexible remote management tools, you can easily and easily maintain the printer from anywhere at any time to ensure data security and troubleshoot the printer. With Print DNA’s Printer Profile Manager Enterprise option, you can manage a single printer, a specific set of printers, or all printers anywhere in the world. This browser-based solution allows you to instantly discover every Link-OS printer on the network—no need to manually track, configure or troubleshoot the printer. In addition to the optional enterprise remote management tools, we also provide a complete set of free deployment utilities to simplify initial setup and configuration.

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